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OMP 320 Hybrid S steering wheel

The steering wheel skeleton is made of a new composite technology (carbon and Dyneema®)
300% more durable than a carbon steering wheel and even 20% lighter.
Prepared to install four additional buttons (not included).
Realized and developed in collaboration with Sébastien Ogier, WRC World Champion from VW Motorsport.

Material: Suede
Diameter: 320
Number of arms: 3
Offset: flat
Handlebar: oval – 24x35mm

Handlebars made on special order, waiting time is about 1 month (this time may extend).

All OMP steering wheels are made from the highest quality materials available, and their quality control ensures that the products are finished to the highest standard.
OMP steering wheels are used by racing and rally champions, past and present, all over the world.
Carbon steering wheel arms provide confidence in use a high aesthetic level.
OMP horn included.

Manufactured in Italy

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