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Stilo Venti WRC Offshore

FIA 8859-2015 / Snell 2020 approved

The Venti WRC Offshore helmet is a redesigned and updated version of the WRC DES Rally helmet. This new version has a kevlar/MSF (Multi Sandwich Fibre) composite shell.

This Offshore version of the Venti WRC helmet is painted in a high visibility orange primarily for powerboat use this helmet is the same as the Rally version but is not fitted with factory HANS/FHR posts. Still fitted with Stilo’s WRC intercom system that includes: noise attenuating earmuffs which are fitted with speakers, magnetic-dynamic noise cancelling microphone, fully integrated intercom plug.

Other features include:
– Adjustable Microphone: Venti WRC is fitted with an easily adjustable microphone boom/holder. All it takes is to remove the holder padding and to use the provided spacers to move the microphone 5, 10 or 15 mm closer to the mouth.
– Integrated Plug: Venti WRC integrated plug is positioned away from the HANS posts in order to ease the jack connection to the intercom.
– Adjustable Peak: The peak can be raised and lowered to give the driver clear visibility even when the sun is on the horizon. Optional high optical quality flip up visor available.
– Earmuffs: Certified for circuit usage as well, they assure the helmet to be perfectly soundproof. Their pressure on the head can be adjusted by replacing the special foam rubber paddings placed in between the earmuffs and the shell. The Rally and Offshore versions hosts speakers while in the Turismo (Circuit) version they are removable and free from cables as speakers are not permitted on track.
– EPS Cheekpads: Venti WRC is the only helmet on the market, fitted both with earmuffs and EPS (expandable polystyrene) cheekpads. The use of EPS cheekpads ensures better protection in case of lateral impacts.

Three Shell Sizes: XS, S, M and L (58) (small shell), L (59) and XL (medium shell), 2XL and 3XL (large shell)

small shell 1520g±30g
medium shell 1580g±30g
large shell 1660g±30g

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